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If you’re in the market for an insulated steel building or pole barn, you should consider one of our PV Multi-Purpose Structures.

Our clear-span structures integrate thin film, flexible, high-efficiency solar panels into the roof at the time of construction turning your roof into an electricity-generating asset. For environments that require heat, our structures also harvest solar thermal energy and bring it into the building where it can be stored in phase change material to provide supplemental heat. These same phase change materials also lower the amount of cooling required during warmer seasons by absorbing heat in the day and discharging it at night, resetting for the next day’s heat load.

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These structures are ideal for corrosive environments such as aquaculture, salt storage, and animal husbandry.

Each of our structures is built out of pultruded fiberglass arches, which provides a strong lightweight, non-corrosive material that has very low thermal conductivity. Our arches also offer significantly improved thermal characteristics compared to traditional steel structures.


Dimensions 58′ wide x 25′ high x any length
45′ wide x 18′ high x any length
36′ wide x 16′ wide x any length
Structure Pultruded Fiberglass arches, 25′ and 35′ radius
Can tolerate 80 lb/s.f. snow load and 100 mph winds
Solar Power 360 watt flexible panels
10 watts/s.f. depending on goals
33KW array installed with roof
Incentives 30% Investment Tax Credit
State Solar Incentives
USDA REAP Guarantees to 90%
25% USDA REAP Grants available
Thermal Performance R-39 Roof, R-18
Active Solar Thermal System
Phase Change Material for storage
Uses Barns, warehouses, storage structures
Customizable Solar coverage based on your energy and lighting needs
Modular, designed to your specifications
Sizes Available in 39′, 36′, 45′ wide x any length