Every successful project begins with a successful design. With our design services, our consultants sit down with you to understand your overall business goals and to translate those goals into a set of design parameters that meet your long-term needs. We start with the big picture understanding of your overall business strategy and then help you to translate that into which capabilities, features and benefits are most immediately important. Once profitable, we then tackle the “nice to have” features that allow you to achieve your full vision.

Types of design that we do:

  • Each project starts with a design phase
  • Once we have the requirements, we’ll develop a custom set of stamped construction plans for your location/site. We’ll also help you to create the appropriate layout and work flow
  • We’ll define the parameters of your controlled environment and translate that into systems


Once the design phase is complete, we can provide construction training. We will work with your crew to ensure they are fully trained to install our systems. We will also provide:

  • Onsight supervision
  • Commissioning and ongoing consulting


If you have an existing operation, we have both operational and energy consultants that can assess where you are and identify opportunities for improving your operation and energy efficiency. We also have partners who will finance some of those improvements and help you take advantage of rebates, tax credits and other incentive programs.